From now on, every right swipe is a MATCH. 
Get ready to have your pick of the litter.
I totally get it.

The boring, redundant conversations ("Hey, how are you?" ).

 Sending messages to matches who just... never respond.

 The back-and-forth pen pal who never wants to meet in person.

 Leaving dates feeling like you just wasted your Friday night (and your full face of makeup).

Never matching with the ones you're *actually* attracted to. 

"What's the point?" you ask yourself, as you delete the apps out of frustration for the 787th time. 

Dating is EXHAUSTING and frustrating... IF you don't have a strategy.

Your dream partner IS out there, swiping on the apps just like you. You just have to know how to call them in.

Most people don't realize there's a strategy to dating apps that attracts dreamy AF partners directly TO YOU (and repels the duds away).

If you're looking for a DEEP connection, your profile needs to CONVEY depth.

I love you, but: Listing a bunch of stuff you're into ("I love tacos and hiking" or "I know the best margarita spot in town") is not speaking to your dream partner...

It's speaking to everyone.

Not only that... this is not the stuff that matters for long-term compatibility. It's the reason you find yourself discovering a deal-breaker 3 dates in realizing... this is never gonna work. Back to square one.

You were taught that compatibility is about having things in common, having fun together, and being attracted to each other.

But what psychologists have known for years is: there's so much more to it than that. 

*rips the whole curtain down*

Deeper qualities like core values, worldviews, and identities - THESE are the things that ACTUALLY matter for long-term compatibility.

When you put THESE things in your profile, you position it to SPEAK to your dream partner before their thumb mindlessly swipes onto the next profile!

Dream partners will swipe right as fast as they can

...While incompatible partners will be repelled away (so you never even have to deal with them ).

Suddenly, you’re receiving messages that are *ACTUALLY interesting* from dreamy AF partners who are excited to meet you!

This method of dating has NEVER been taught before. 

By combining my own miserable experiences with dating apps with my expertise as a licensed therapist, the G.P.A. Dating App Strategy was born.

Inside of this 90-minute masterclass, I walk you through this strategy, the one that called in my now-husband  (and has helped 100s of my 1:1 clients do the same), to apply it to your bio. 

 ...hello, matching you with dreamy AF partners who will ACTUALLY be compatible with you in the long-term. 

The G.P.A. Dating App Strategy
G: Get clear on your values, worldviews, and
identities, and what you're looking for. Why?

THESE are the deeper qualities that ACTUALLY matter for long-term compatibility, and you can LEVERAGE them in your bio to ATTRACT dream partners directly to you! No clue what your values, worldviews, and identities are? That's what I'm here for! Inside this masterclass, I'm locking arms with you and walking you through potent AF exercises to help you discover YOUR personal values, worldviews, and identities! 

 Worried you'll seem desperate by saying you're looking for a relationship? I've got you! Steal my exact phrasing for saying you want commitment without sounding desperate.
P: Put them in your dating app bio (and watch the matches roll in)

I'll show you exactly how to weave these deeper qualities into your bio to position it to SPEAK to dreamy AF partners (while (leaving plenty of room for humor or witty jokes!). I’ll also show you exactly how to structure your bio (and what format to AVOID that increases the likelihood matches will swipe past you ).

A: Ask your match a weed-out question to create deep conversation!

Kill two birds with one stone by asking your match a weed-out question: Spark interesting conversation (no more “Hey, how are you?”) AND learn everything you need to know about them to determine if it's worth continuing talking or meeting up. 

 No need to come up with these questions on your own! Inside of DABOM, I give you over 15 done-for-you templates to engage matches in an interesting way while you weed people out! 

No more boring conversations that go nowhere. You'll have over 15 done-for-you messages in your back pocket to create thought-provoking, interesting, and exciting conversations with matches. 

No more guys who just wanna hook up. Your profile will finally REACH emotionally intelligent men who WANT a commitment. 

No more leaving dates feeling like you just wasted your Friday night You'll only be meeting up with people you already KNOW are dream partner material.

Think I'm kidding? Sounds too good to be true? It's not.

My G.P.A. dating app strategy is 100% replicable, so you can achieve results like these too - without the cost of a 1:1 session  

I've perfected it to be so good, I can teach it to the masses. Which means more accessible support for you! Boom.

You'll walk away from this masterclass with...
  • Everything you need in your dating app bio to attract dream partners ONLY  (and what NOT to put in it)
  • My exact dating app bio that called in my now-husband
  • Examples of good and not-so-good bios
  • The one thing you’re putting in your bio that’s preventing your profile from reaching dreamy AF partners!
  • 15+ templates with exactly what to say to create deep and interesting conversation with a match!
  • What ACTUALLY matters for long-term compatibility (and what you’ve been wasting your time paying attention to )
  • How to say you're looking for a relationship without sounding desperate
  • Which apps to be on (and which not to waste your time on)
  • A personalized list of your core values and identities you can use in your profile right away!
  • How to know whether to meet up with someone in real life
  • What types of pictures to use (and NOT to use) in your profile 
What's included in your registration:
  • 1.5 hours of video lessons walking you through my G.P.A. Dating App Strategy  (Valued at $297)

  • Specific exercises to identify YOUR personalized core values, worldviews, and identities to put in your bio right away

  • The G.P.A. Workbook with step-by-step instructions (Valued at $47)

  •  Vault of dozens of proven message templates (Valued at $47)

  • Lifetime access to the masterclass

Total Value: $391 (in true, non-inflated prices)

Once you've completed your purchase, you’ll receive an email from me with immediate access to the masterclass in your online student dashboard for an instant dating bio upgrade! 

You can watch the masterclass anytime, anywhere, in any timezone, as many times as you want, at your own pace.

**This masterclass does NOT include private coaching with Kelsey [UNLESS YOU UPGRADE TO VIP AT CHECKOUT]. For personalized feedback on your bio from Kelsey, select the VIP Upgrade Option at checkout to get 2 days of personalized, private text and voice memo support with Kelsey to customize your profile and start sending epic messages to your new matches!

I genuinely cannot WAIT for you to message me telling me you found your PERSON! (The one who is your safest place AND regularly cause you to spit your drink out from laughing so hard. )

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