Texting communication in the early stages of dating is elusive and complex, right? Wrong!

Inside this 12-page playbook, you'll receive the same done-for-you, exact phrasing templates I give my 1:1 clients for...

  • How to set up healthy communication early on in a new relationship
  • How ask someone you're dating about their texting preferences early on (so you avoid awkwardness and confusion later, plus prevent ghosting )
  • How to create a culture of open, honest communication where either party can simply communicate directly if they aren’t feeling it anymore
  • Exactly what to say to recover if your emotions get the best of you and you send a anxious, panicked, petty, or passive-aggressive text you regret
  • How to follow up when someone hasn't replied in a while
  • How to respond to all 6 Types of Ghosters (see below)
  • How to confront a ghoster without being aggressive or feeling worse about yourself if they don't respond
  • How to say you want MORE communication without sounding needy  
  • How to say you want LESS communication without sounding rude

I break each of these down for you with exact phrasing and wording. You'll get my tried and true, therapist-hack tricks to texting communication as I walk you through creating healthy, reciprocal texting you can feel really good about (Spoiler: it's NOT delaying your texts to make them more interested ). You'll receive the same done-for-you templates my 1:1 clients receive — all for a fraction of the price of ONE session!

Steal my phrasing for responding to the 6 Types of Ghosters Know exactly what to say when...

  • It's the day-of or hours before plans you made with them and you haven't heard from them (The Ditcher)
  • They text you consistently every day for weeks or months, then one day it stops (The Whiplasher)
  • There's long periods of no response, occasional + non-committal communication (The Breadcrumber)
  • They ghost you + come back later like nothing happened (The Intermittent Ghoster)
  • They ghost and come back with an excuse as to why (The Excuse Ghoster)
    • What to say when the excuse is sensitive or emergency in nature
    • What to say when the excuse is something like "work was crazy"
  • They ghost after things get too intimate (emotionally or physically) (The Avoidant Ghoster)

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Texting and healthy communication is much harder without self love.  Get this guide to understanding and LOVING yourself. 

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