Never stare at your phone feeling frozen about what to say again! 

The Texting Communication Cure The definitive online course for navigating texting with confidence in the early stages of dating - stop overthinking and actually ENJOY all the stomach-flipping butterflies of a new relationship!

The Texting Communication Cure is the secret A to Z blueprint to reduce texting anxiety and increase high-level, healthy conversations with a new partner with ease. 

If you've ever wondered...

“Should you call someone out when they ghost you? Or let it go?” 

How do you confront someone who has ghosted you? How long do you wait and what do you say?” 

“How do you prevent ghosting?” 

“When they don’t text a lot, how do you control your emotions and not spiral into self-doubt?” 

How frequently should you be in contact in the early stages of dating? Everyday? Every few days?” 

“I’m an expressive texter (!!! ) Do I tone it down or be myself?” 

“Is triple texting that bad?” 

“How much should you initiate conversation vs letting the other person initiate?” 

“How long should you delay your response if you want them to be interested in you?” 

“What do you text when you want a serious relationship, but don't want to scare them away?” 

“How do you ask what their early dating texting style is or ask for more/less communication?”  

...then the Texting Communication Cure is for you

This crash course will cover everything you need to know to confidently respond to the person you’re dating WITHOUT overthinking and editing it again and again, consulting your bestie group text for their revisions

No more stressing about what to do when you think you're being ghosted. 

No more feeling stuck when you want more or less communication but don’t know how to say that without sounding needy or hurting their feelings

No more screenshotting and texting your besties for advice - because now YOU know how to respond with confidence.

Ready to start feeling confident every time you press send? No more angst in the in-between (“Ugh did I say the right thing?” “Are they gonna think of me in the right way?”) 

Think I'm joking? Take a look at this…

Who are YOU in the in-between, when the conversation ISN’T as frequent? Do you crumble and panic that they’re pulling away?

What if you could stop assuming you’ve been ghosted every time they don’t reply instantly?

What would it be like to stop obsessing over whether they’re going to text you back and feel really good about the relationship even when conversation ISN’T happening?

What if you could relax because you KNOW what to say in tough or awkward situations, how much is okay to text, who should text first, etc? 

I see you sitting there editing the same text over and over again.

I see you writing something and deleting it. Worried that the “...” bubble is showing up on the other end.

I see you writing multiple versions of the same thing, killing brain cells trying to figure out which version is best.

Those 45 characters took you 45 mins to write.

And now you’re Googling “how to retract messages you already sent” because they haven’t seen it yet

Or maybe you’re setting a timer for an hour to wait to respond to a text so you don’t seem too available.

You’re scared of saying the wrong thing. You’re scared of being ghosted. You’re afraid of pushing them away with too many texts too frequently or asking for too much too soon.

You want to impress the person you’re dating so much that you end up muting your actual personality in trying to curate the perfect text.

Or overthinking so much, it sucks the FUN out of a new relationship and becomes miserable to text them in the first place!

Are you ready to feel confident every time you press send?

Are you ready to know exactly what to do when you think you’ve been ghosted?

Are you ready to create next-level, healthy conversations with a new partner with ease? 

If you’re ready to become a pro at handling every tricky texting situation under the sun, The Texting Communication Cure is for you.

Inside this 2-day crash course, I walk you through my 5-step process to master texting communication and let the early stages of a new relationship be FUN, giddy, and easy - like it SHOULD be!  

After working with thousands of clients in the early stages of a relationship, I’ve found there are 5 essential steps to healthy, worry-free text communication:

1) Set yourself up for success (The Do’s and Don’ts of Healthy Communication + how to talk about communication early on in a relationship)

2) Understand the 4 Types of Texters and which one your partner is early on (so you don’t get offended or worried later)

3) Master keeping your emotions in check to avoid spiraling into self-doubt when they haven’t responded

4) Learn the playbook for how to respond to ALL 6 types of ghosters  

5) Master the playbook for navigating tricky situations over text (avoiding those cringe moments )

And I’m sharing it ALL inside The Texting Communication Cure!

What’s included in The Texting Communication Cure…

  • 5 Modules covering my 5-step process for creating mutual, reciprocal texting (the sign of a healthy relationship )
  • The Texting Communication Cure Playbook Templates: Steal my exact phrasing with my templates for responding to ANY texting situation with confidence - never question yourself again before typing!
  • Texting Red Flags
  • How to set up texting communication to avoid being ghosted later
  • What NOT to do that can cause someone to ghost you
  • How to stay calm and not jump to conclusions when you haven’t heard back yet (so you don’t have the urge to become the obsessive texter and embarrass yourself)
  • How to respond in a skillful, healthy way if you think you ARE being ghosted (so you don’t ruin it if turns out you’re NOT)
  • Access to my support as you move through the course - I'll be right there with you every step of the way to answer all of your questions!
  • Lifetime access to the course

Together, we navigate through:

1. Set Yourself Up for Success - Discuss Texting Expectations & Preferences

  • How to set up texting boundaries from the get-go to set the tone for healthy communication + avoid being ghosted

  • Setting (and re-setting) expectations

  • What NOT to do that increases your chances of being ghosted

  • The Dos and Don’ts of texting someone you want to date

  • Who should initiate, what’s reasonable and unreasonable to expect

  • How to ditch the texting games

2. Understand the Texting Styles that No One Knows About + Texting Red Flags

  • The 4 Types of Texters

  • Understand their texting style early on (so you aren’t offended or worried later)

  • What type of texter are you?

  • “I’m a bad texter” Is it a red flag?

  • My complete list of texting red flags

  • Examples of passive-aggressive, passive, and aggressive communication (a big texting red flag!)

  • Is it a red flag if you only receive 2 texts per day from them?

  • Is it a red flag if you don’t have deep conversations over text?

  • The difference between someone who is actually busy and someone who isn’t interested or is playing games

  • How to deal when your partner’s bad at texting but great in real life

3. Keep Your Emotions in Check When They Haven’t Responded

  • How to stay calm when they haven't responded in a while

  • Concrete skills to help you stop over-analyzing and jumping to conclusions

  • How to stop the spiral into self-doubt (stop assuming it's YOU that's the problem!)

  • Signs you may have done something to push them away

  • Concrete skills for regulating your emotions (so you don't have the urge to become the obsessive texter and embarrass yourself)

  • How to recover if you DO end up sending an anxious, panicked, word-vomit, or passive-aggressive text that you regret

4. The 6 Types of Ghosters (and HOW to respond to each )

  • How to know when you're being ghosted (how long is TOO long without a response?)

  • The reason WHY people ghost

  • What to do when you think you’ve been ghosted

  • The type of healthy communication we're never taught - and how you can use it to follow up WITHOUT accusing or attacking the person (and risking pushing them further away )

  • The 6 Types of Ghosters:

    • The Ditcher

    • The Whiplasher

    • The Breadcrumber

    • The Intermittent Ghoster

    • The Excuse Ghoster

    • The Avoidant Ghoster

  • How to handle these most common ghosting scenarios: 

    • What to do when you had a date planned and now they’re ghosting
    • What to say when they haven't replied in days
    • What to do when they suddenly stop texting you after MONTHS of daily communication
    • What to do when they come on strong and then pull away
    • What to do when they stop reaching out after being physically intimate + you’re feeling used
    • How to respond when they ghost you and then come back like nothing happened
    • How to respond to breadcrumbing (when they lead you on with occasional + non-committal communication)

5. How to Handle the Most Common Tricky Situations Over Text

  • How to handle these most common tricky texting scenarios:

  • How to say you want increased communication from someone without sounding needy

  • What to do when their responses are brief, but polite and you feel stuck like you can’t say anything about it yet

  • How to handle it when they seem less responsive, but say they're sick, just busy, etc.

  • How to handle conflict that comes up over text

  • What to do when they don't reply but watch your IG stories or are active on Facebook / other apps

  • What to do when they say "goodnight" but appear active on social media or other apps

You’ll walk away with dramatically improved communication techniques that allow dating to become FUN again, not stressful! You’ll learn how to feel really good about the relationship in the in-between, when the conversations are NOT happening. And set the tone for healthy conversations to create a positive feedback loop of communication between you and your partner. It’s a win-win-win!

Upon registration, you will gain instant access to this highly requested course. All course details will be emailed directly to your inbox upon registration.

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