Self love is elusive and complex, right? Wrong!

In this 52-page workbook, I break it down for you into 5 digestible components. You'll get my tried and true, therapist-hack tricks to self love as I walk you through my 4-step proven process for creating lasting self-worth (Spoiler: it's NOT saying random affirmations to yourself ). You'll learn the same straight-forward, step by step strategies I use with individual clients — all for a fraction of the price of ONE session!

You’ll learn:

  • The 5 components of self love
  • HOW to identify your values, needs, and wants

  • HOW  to verbalize your needs and wants to others

  • HOW  to identify your boundaries

  • HOW  to set & follow through with your boundaries

  • HOW  to identify areas needing self acceptance

  • HOW  to practice acceptance of the things you DON’T love about yourself

  • HOW  to stop criticizing yourself and start being compassionate with yourself

  • HOW to stop people-pleasing and focus on yourself more

  • HOW  to identify what you like to do for fun/pleasure

  • HOW  to identify barriers to self pleasure

  • HOW to soothe yourself when you are upset

  • HOW  to trust yourself in decision-making

  • HOW to stop over-analyzing and start trusting yourself

I'm so excited for you to learn a better way to self love!

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