Revitalize your Dating Life in 30 Days with Magnetic Dating Lab

Attract emotionally available, compatible men, fast.

What women are saying about Kelsey
A tangible approach to modern dating, based in psychology and created by a Licensed Therapist.

Optimize your dating app bio using the psychology of compatibility to attract high-quality matches, quickly.

Eliminate dating anxiety, learn to trust your judgment, and stop second-guessing yourself.

Learn to spot red flags BEFORE you get attached  and avoid situationships.

Stop emotionally overinvesting with concrete techniques that slow your attachment.

What more women are saying

My clients tell me...

→ He said he wanted a relationship, but realized he "wasn't ready" after the third date.
→ I got swept up and went all-in after 2 weeks because I thought this could be it. But he pulled away, I got in my head, and it fizzled like all the others.
→ He looked great on paper, but turned out to be a total narcissist.

Your head's bursting with enough questions to make an Amazon warehouse feel cramped. And trust me, no amount of IG posts or psychic readings can untangle that web for you...

"When is it appropriate to bring up a conversation about exclusivity?"

"How do I spot red flags before getting attached?”

"How do I attract guys who ACTUALLY want a relationship?"

"How do I stop being so anxious with someone new and just enjoy the ride?"

But the worst part?
Week after week, you’re left exactly where you started. There are no high-level dates filling up your calendar, and you’re left wondering if you’ll ever meet your person.
What more women are saying
Attracting healthy love ISN'T luck.
It's a learnable skillset you were never taught. 

You've probably been told to look for someone you have things in common with who's tall and gives you butterflies.

As a Licensed Therapist, it's my mission to share what ACTUALLY matters for long-term compatibility, and how to leverage this knowledge to magnetically attract high-level, relationship-ready men.

No more beating yourself up because no one taught you how to date, k?
It's not your fault! But it IS on you if you don't equip yourself now.
What more clients are saying
Did someone say "bonuses?"

Bonuses 4, 5, and 6

Dating App Bio Overhaul Masterclass 

(Valued at $149)

My most up-to-date dating app strategy. Attract relationship-ready men, fast.

Master Your Attachment Style Masterclass (Valued at $149)

Master feeling secure in yourself to stop spiraling and sabotaging

a perfectly good relationship!

Texting Communication Cure Course (Valued at $149)

Stop overthinking and actually ENJOY the butterflies of a new relationship

What more clients are saying

The next live component of MDL starts Wednesday, March 27, 2024. 

Don't worry, you get immediate access to everything else! 

Enrollment is now open, and spots tend to sell out in advance.




This is a big investment, and I want you to feel secure and EXCITED about making it!

I offer the following refund policy:

If you decide within 5 days of enrolling in Magnetic Dating Lab that you don't want to proceed:

Email me, and I will refund you based on your consumption of the recorded Masterclass curriculum.

For example, if you don't start the recorded curriculum, and you get cold feet, I'll give you 100% of your money back, no questions asked. Likewise, if you've watched 20% of the recorded curriculum, I'll give you 80% of your Masterclass investment back.

There are a few more rules here:

1. You can't have watched my Texting Communication Cure, The Dating App Bio Overhaul Masterclass, or Master Your Attachment Style Masterclass.

You get access to all 3 courses with your Magnetic Dating Lab purchase, and because they're short and unambiguously effective (e.g. you can literally copy and paste the messages in the Texting Communication Cure, and get amazing results!) I don't offer refunds for either course.

With this in mind, If you request a refund for Magnetic Dating Lab, and you've started my Texting Communication Cure, I will deduct the $149 USD price from your Magnetic Dating Lab refund. Same thing for my Dating App Bio Overhaul Masterclass and Master Your Attachment Style Masterclass.

2. We can't have done our 1:1 Dating App Profile Audit.

This probably wouldn't happen within 5 days of enrollment, but just in case… Once I've invested time and effort into your Profile Audit, I can't offer you a refund for Magnetic Dating Lab under any circumstances.

3. We'll determine how much you've consumed based on my course hosting service's records.

The service that hosts my recorded courses, Kajabi, shows me how much of the course you've consumed. I've never had a problem with this before, but if you were to claim you'd only watched 1 module, and Kajabi said you'd watched 4 modules, your refund will be based on watching 4 modules :)

4. I can't offer refunds more than 5 days after enrollment under any circumstances.

I'm a small business owner, and I start deploying revenue from my sales for things like content production, new projects, my team's salaries, and even my mortgage basically as soon as it comes in!

I hope this gives you confidence in deciding whether to invest in Magnetic Dating Lab!

One last thing…

Already think you might want a refund?
For example, you're super skeptical of whether MDL can help you, or the investment is a stretch for you financially, or you're the type of person who often takes advantage of liberal return policies for shady reasons…

Please don't join Magnetic Dating Lab!
Refund requests for are thankfully rare, but they're expensive and depressing, so I absolutely DO NOT want your money if a refund is already on your mind!



Great Question!

I host the live aspect of Magnetic Dating Lab 4x/year.

My next session starts Wednesday, March 27, 2024! Don't worry, you don't have to wait until then to dive in and get results :)

Enrollment happens on a rolling basis.

Spots are limited because the program includes many personalized components (e.g. 1:1 Dating Profile Audit, live Q&A, and Online community), and I don't have capacity to help everyone.

⚡ Once you enroll, you get instant access to all Magnetic Dating Lab course materials and your bonus courses!

This includes the recorded curriculum, plus handouts, and access to my Texting Communication Cure, Dating App Bio Overhaul Masterclass, and Master Your Attachment Style courses.

The recorded curriculum is 100% go-at-your-own-pace.‍

In the past, I offered Magnetic Dating Lab as a live program. Based on feedback from clients who preferred more flexible access, the lessons are now recorded, and you can dive in anytime (and watch as many, or as few, of the lessons in one sitting!) as you choose. I recommend watching one module per week, so you have time to process the information and implement the skills and strategies, but it's up to you.

️The live coaching sessions are designed to deliver answers to your questions.

Here's how they work:

️The live sessions are lecture-style Q&A format .Your camera and mic are off, but you can use the chat function to ask me questions, and they typically last 60-90 minutes.

The first live Q+A session will be on Wednesday, March 27, 2024 at 5:30pm PST / 8:30pm EST. The next 3 sessions happen on the subsequent Wednesdays, at the same time. You’ll also get access to the next cohort’s 4 Q+A calls. This way, you get support while going through the curriculum, AND after you’ve had a few months to implement it! Call dates and times emailed to you upon registration.

There are 4 live coaching sessions per cohort. Each session maps to a course module. You get access to your cohorts session and the next cohorts. I'll prioritize questions related to Module 1 during our first live session, questions related to Module 2 during our second live session, etc, so I recommend watching the recorded curriculum on this schedule.

Can't attend live? No problem! Each session is recorded. I'll share a link to submit questions in advance of each session, and I'll upload the recording to our student site shortly after the session wraps up.

Only ~50% of Magnetic Dating Lab students choose to attend the live sessions. You can get questions answered in the online community, too, and IMO the bulk of the program value is in the recorded curriculum. Think of the live sessions as the cherry on top of the sundae, not the sundae itself!

You decide when we do your 1:1 Dating Profile Audit.

Instructions for submitting your profile for my review will be sent to you after registration. I ask that you submit your profile for makeover to me within 3 months of signing up for Magnetic Dating Lab. *If you choose a payment plan, we can't start your Audit until you complete your payment plan.*



As an MDL student, you already have lifetime access to the recorded curriculum of MDL. If you'd like to jump into the live group coaching sessions and receive a 1:1 Dating Profile Audit with me, the alumni rate is $597.

Email us at and include the email address you used to purchase MDL, and we'll send you an alumni link! (This is the rate even if you already own any or all of the BONUS masterclasses - DABOM, Texting Cure, or Master Your Attachment Style.)

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