Do you feel confident in the beginning of a relationship, but clam up and overthink it when it starts to go well?  

Ever sabotaged a new relationship with overanalyzing and reassurance-seeking before it even had a chance to begin?

Do you struggle to trust a new partner and sometimes sneak a peek at their phone when they leave it unattended?  

Does it feel like your brain can’t focus on anything else when a partner is upset and needs space? (you’ve been sitting at your desk blankly staring at that email draft for 2 hours ‍)

Your soul is tired of spending your mental energy spiraling about whether the person you’re dating still likes you or is mad at you (and your thumbs are tired of sending every little thing off for analysis to the bestie group chat or the Google search bar ).

You can’t take any more devastation when a partner decides your emotional needs are “too much” and ends things.  

You can’t wait to be in a relationship that feels SO secure, you never doubt how much your partner absolutely adores and loves you.  

I know you so badly just wanna sit back, relax, and ENJOY the butterflies of a new relationship
But if it was THAT easy, you wouldn't still be...
  • Convincing yourself your partner is going to leave you based on absolutely no facts whatsoever (false alarm… again )
  • Over-analyzing every little thing and assuming the worst “Are they mad at me?? What did I do wrong? Do they still like me?”
  • Blowing up your partner’s phone when they aren’t responding
I totally get it. I’ve been there… And I’m giving you what I WISH someone had given me when I was dating.

Because I KNOW somewhere underneath all that overthinking, self-doubt and anxiety… is a secure, self-assured, AAAMAZING human who has so much love to give.

The Master Your Attachment Masterclass is here to get you from anxious AF to secure and self-assured through this curriculum with a licensed therapist’s expertise to guide you every step of the way!
Inside this 3-hour masterclass, I’m locking arms with you and walking you through...
My 3-Step Secure Attachment method:
  • Decode your attachment style plus which style to look for in a partner (and which to avoid like the plague
  • Master your attachment triggers in a healthy way (no more anxiety-spiral rapid-fire texts or checking their phone )
  • Elevate your mindset to embody secure attachment (start thinking like a securely attached person )
  • There’s no way you can get sh*t done, focus on work, and enjoy self care and free time when the constant “what does it mean when xyz…” “why didn’t they text me first today??” dialogue is dominating your mental space. 

    No more letting your time and mental energy be consumed by anxiety spiraling and over-analyzing (having conversations with other people where you’re asking “what do you think about your partner liking another girl’s picture?”

    ...when you could be spending it having high-level conversations that light you up actually ENJOYING quality time with the people you love, and doing the things that bring you so much JOY
    Inside the Master Your Attachment Style Masterclass, I’m sharing…
    A simple AF plan for never anxiety-spiraling and self-sabotaging a relationship again  
    A step by step, easy to implement framework for how to calm down when you get triggered (because relationships are scary as sh*t )  HINT: it's not scrolling social media on your phone
    My secret sauce guide to pivot your attachment style from insecure to secure  
    A mind-blowing and normalizing explanation of WHY you do the seemingly “crazy” things you do (like texting or calling again and again when your partner hasn't responded )

    Real-world examples of all 4 attachment styles so you can identify which one you are (plus which one your partner or future partner is + which are compatible and incompatible with yours )  

    Identifying your attachment triggers so you can stop letting them take over your life  

    Concrete skills for how you can start trusting yourself and others right now! 

    How to tell when you're being insecure or jealous versus when your feelings are reasonable

    Just SOME of the comments inside this class…
    Where dating daydreams become a reality…

    Healthy partners are attracted to you like a magnet, excited to spend time with you, and waiting for room in your calendar.  

    Feeling so adored, loved, and wanted even when there’s space in the relationship. “I FEEL SO DESIRED!” becomes part of your normal vocab.  

     Receiving an abundance of compliments from friends and family about how secure you are in all areas of life! You’re the secure, easy friend who isn't jealous or insecure when your friends make new friends of their own (no: “I’m being left out,” “Why doesn’t she ask ME to hang out??” “She never has time for me anymore”)

    Feeling at peace in a new relationship, allowing your time to be filled with ENJOYING self care, quality connection with the people you love, or crushing it at work instead of worrying about your partner liking someone's picture.  

    What's included in your registration...

    THREE hours of video trainings decoding attachment style and how to become securely attached  (Valued at $997)

    2 downloadable guides for easy access to What to Do When You Get Triggered, Self Soothing Skills (Valued at $100)

    16 Done-for-you templates for How to Ask for What You Need Without Sounding Needy and What to Say When You're Triggered (Steal my EXACT phrasing ) (Valued at $200)

    Concrete coping skills you can start using right away to calm down when you become triggered!  (Valued at $200)

    Lifetime access to the masterclass!

    Total Value: $1,497 (In true, non-inflated prices)

    By the end of the Master Your Attachment Style Masterclass, you will have replaced analysis paralysis and self-sabotage with self-assuredness and self-confidence, and be well on your way to magnetizing a healthy relationship!

    If you’re ready to jumpstart your path to becoming a secure, healthy partner (so you can ATTRACT a secure, healthy partner )...

    I’m thrilled to help you get there, too.

    Once you've completed your purchase, you’ll receive an email from me with details for accessing the class plus a short intake form (so I can best serve you inside the class!)

    See you inside!

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